Stone – Trip to the AGO

Trip to the AGO

Some time ago
I went with my sister
to the AGO – so many people there
wandering through
a surreal twilight blue world
listening on headphones
to people supposedly in the know
explaining the mystic inspirations
of works by Claude Monet,
Vincent Van Gogh
and the other Impressionists.
But to me even “Starry Night”
seemed drained of color, wilted
like a flower uprooted from its native soil.
Once again the hype had let me down.
On the other hand, I did enjoy
local homegrown stuff
like the Group of Seven,
and some small Krieghoff pieces.
As I was leaving I saw
The Indian Church” by Emily Carr“
and it seemed to say, “Hey look at me.
You’ll see. The grass isn’t always greener far away
on the other side of the Atlantic“.


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