Stone – The Dragon Kings

The Dragon Kings

The dragon kings
are here again in a red
rage intent on conquering.
Theirs is a splendid
onslaught bent on turning
what’s left of green in the oak
into leaf litter smoke.

This morning is alive
with the look of dragons.
Like bees above a hive
made active by the rising sun
they swoop and dive
relentless in assault until
little remains of chlorophyll.

Then like Fafnir they curl
around the treasure
of a vanquished world
meaning to stay forever.
I say, “go quickly now, unfurl
your proud wings. Away,
for nothing gold can stay.”

They never listen
and now it’s late November
when hoar frost glistens
on the moon-blanched timber.
Their limbs missing
all traces of the former glory
tell a sad story

like ours in many ways.
We admire the vain bravado
of a Don until our days
are ended and we have to go.
Dragon kings obey
no laws but their own need
and we are hatched from dragon seed.


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