Stone – Talking Torah

Talking Torah

I shall not profane my hands
scouring pots, scraping pans
or with other mundane chora.
It’s my duty to ignora.
I need time for talking Torah.

Tell me not how much I’m owing;
that the lawn’s in need of mowing.
I’d rather swim to Bora Bora
or, Yahweh forbid it, go to wara
then stop talking Torah, Torah.

Get a job and pay my taxes?
Take the kids to hockey practice?
I will do all that tomorra
not befora.
I only want to talk the Torah.

Talk the Torah day and night
with my bald spot out of sight
beneath the kippah I must wear
talking Torah or in prayer.

Don’t care when the world will end.
Don’t care if the sky falls in
like with Sodom and Gomorrah
or for any other horra.
I am safe when talking Torah.

Plato matzah balls with Hegel,
Marx with lox schmeared on a bagel –
I don’t eat them any mora
They make my mogn very sora. 
Wisdom comes from talking Torah.

Obedience is in the talking
so my jaws do all the walking.
Never need for any action
when my tongue gets such good traction.

Talking Torah every day
with the Rabbis come what may
Moses’ mitzvah, laws Levitical
arguing every jot and tittle
until I’m drowning in my spittle.

How can I then do any wrong 
with the Talmud all day long?
If it’s help that you implora
please knock on some other doora.
I’m too busy, busy, busy talking Torah.


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