Stone – St. Augustine and the Snowstorm

St. Augustine and the Snowstorm

What’s so strange
about the snowflakes
(some big as cabbage butterflies)
from where I stand
at a 9th story window?
The air turns white
with them, whole armies
sweeping and swirling,
lift and suspend
chasing, catching, caught
by the strong wind
and its whimsies
to form maelstroms,
whirlpools and counter eddies
until they reach the ground.

They tell me
no two are alike,
made out of vapor and dust
into six-pointed stars,
needles, columns, plates, rimes,
God’s crystalline children,
Jews and Gentiles
coming together
original and spare.
They fall out of heaven’s
supercool temple
with its twelve jeweled gates
into this world
of turmoil and trouble.
“Our hearts are restless
until they rest in You.


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