Stone – I Love My Smartphone

I Love My Smartphone

My smartphone
has hijacked my mind.
When it rings and I can’t pick it up,
my blood pressure spikes
and my pulse quickens.
It causes my attention span
to plummet to levels
below that of a goldfish.
It like nicotine
increases my level
of dopamine that affects
parts of the brain
that control reward and pleasure.
I get the same chemical “hit”
that compels me to
get on my smartphone
and check my Yahoo mail every hour.
Tech companies work hard
to keep me addicted.
Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook
can waste up to five hours
of my precious life every day.
Some of this time
could have probably been better spent
reading the good old good book.
But then again
my capacity for that
is not what it used to be.


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