Poetry by Theresa Donnelly – 1/18

An Triúr Deirfiúr

The moment I set foot on home soil;
I am greeted by the three sisters.

They patiently await my return. 
They never fail to appear: even
when snow has fallen across the land.

Forever loyal and dependable,
they make their way regardless.

Memory is impetuous: an impatient child.
I suddenly see her standing before me:
rosy cheeks and an infectious smile.
We hug affectionately.

Emotion comes next to greet me:
tall and fair of face.
I look into her grey-green eyes:
full of sentiment: reflections of joy and sorrow.

She holds me in a tender embrace
until her perfume overwhelms me.
In an effort to regain my composure, 
I conceal my tears in her auburn hair.

Melancholy holds back.
The youngest of the three, 
she knows her place.
Often pale and thin
she offers a weak smile;
a fragile kiss on my cheek.

Distracted as though her mind 
is somewhere beyond my reaching.
But I know she will be waiting
in the shadows throughout my journey.

She will tug at my sleeve
when I least expect it. Sometimes
she will sit by my bed long into the night.
We will weep together in the darkness.

When the time comes for my departure,
the sisters will once again make the journey
even when snow has fallen across the land

Forever loyal and dependable,
they make their way regardless.

I see all three of them standing 
off in the distance.
All three of them waving goodbye.


FullSizeRenderTheresa Donnelly was born in Dublin, Ireland, and has lived all over the world. Her poetry has been published in Surfacing Magazine, The Copperfield Review, Tales from the Forest (an Irish publication) and The Caterpillar Magazine among many other publications. She is the author of two poetry books: Moon Witch and Other Scary Poems and Recurrence of Blue. She is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and a founding member of The Brooklin Poetry Society. You can find her at theresadonnelly.com.