Poetry by Rod Stone – 8/18

Summer Impromptu

Flashes of lightning
from guns of the infantry
battering Moscow.

Sound of the Luftwaffe
flying high over London.
Battle of Britain

brings rata-tat-tat
on the roof and the skylights
making a ruckus.

Ice-covered bullets
from Spitfires and Messerschmitt
bespatter the deck.

Was it a hailstorm?
No! No! The matter of fact
always spoils the show.

Making a Vase

If you give yourself
to the will of the Potter,
a humble vessel
vaguely transparent
like a cloisonné dreamscape,
he will start carving

as if by magic
on your dim translucent heart
cameos of grace,
etchings, engravings 

with patient plique-à-jour of
angel-gilded truth.

Verre églomisé
of gold leaf and lavender,
poetry in flesh.
His love will make you

glow like a masterpiece by
Emile Gallé.

Rod Stone’s artistic statement: I want to thank the members of the Brooklin Poetry rod_stonePICSociety for helping me improve my craft. Reading widely in the poetic canon has also helped me develop a sense of taste in poetry. Some of my favourites are the French Symbolists, W.B. Yeats and great modern poets like Philip Larkin and Elizabeth Bishop. Reading and writing poetry has been one of the joys of my life because as Mallarmé said “beauty has only one perfect expression, Poetry”. You can visit me at www.rodspoetryblog.wordpress.com.