Poetry by Rod Stone – 5/18

Boyce’s Britches

in Just-
spring          when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman       
whistles          far          and wee”              from [in Just-]  by E. E. Cummings 

in just
spring when the world
was luscious lower lance cove
the balloonman
whistling far and wee
with boyce and eddie came
runny-nosed from tiddly winks
to mr. duffet’s store

when the world
was rut time and nanny goats
the queer old balloonman
was there
where wee boys
gathered mischief-minded
round the old
wood stove
when boyce needing stitches
with back to mrs. d
so she wouldn’t see
the big t-e-a-r in his crotch
opened and closed
the flap like a flash
exposing his wee
each time giggling

it was
snot-nosed spring
with the sod melting
and everything smelly-wonderful
the goat-footed balloonman
had us all in stitches
as he stuck out his tongue
from that wee hole
in boyce’s britches.

April Melt

I still remember the April melt
flowing down by fits and starts
into the ditches of my lost child’s heart
and of hope stirring, how it smelled –
the corpse of wan yellow meadow
resuscitated by the salt sea air.
I can remember it as if still there
although it was a long, long time ago.
Old fishermen repairing nets
at their stages, chinking boats
with oakum, painting Jacob’s coat
of many colors like fairy rivulets
made iridescent by the warm Spring sun;
painting my heart when I was young.

Rod Stone’s artistic statement: I want to thank the members of the Brooklin Poetry rod_stonePICSociety for helping me improve my craft. Reading widely in the poetic canon has also helped me develop a sense of taste in poetry. Some of my favourites are the French Symbolists, W.B. Yeats and great modern poets like Philip Larkin and Elizabeth Bishop. Reading and writing poetry has been one of the joys of my life because as Mallarmé said “beauty has only one perfect expression, Poetry”. You can visit me at www.rodspoetryblog.wordpress.com.