Poetry by Renée M. Sgroi

In Queen’s Park

I remember you in Queen’s Park
the shade of maple you snapped me in
lightbulbs flashing at the leaves
while subway rumbled beneath us

I remember me in blue jeans
the taste of autumn on my lips
you kissed on green wooden bench
ignoring squirrels from upper branches

I remember quiet
our secret island despite traffic
despite carillon from Soldier`s Tower
in November, the notes in textbooks

even in depths of snowdrifts
I remember you, the tree trunks dark
against the brightness of your gleam–
our aching innocence

(originally published in Verse Afire, Jan. 2018)


a leaf unfurls
unpacks genes, suitcase

greens edge, branch
through skies of gathered sunlight

we reach for roots
among radishes, red maples

ambient and siting the horizon

(originally published in The Prairie Journal, Iss. 69, 2018)

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Renée M. Sgroi is a poet, writer, and educator, and current president of the Brooklin Poetry Society. She is also secretary of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR), and a member of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW). Her work has appeared in Canadian poetry journals such as Verse Afire, The Banister, and Prairie Journal. She is currently writing a chapbook focused on desire, and is polishing a fiction manuscript about identity. You can tweet her @ReneeMSgroi.