Poetry by John Di Leonardo – 5/18


shaving with an old mirror
and a drop of red, I trim
the hairs from ears, nose

think of Bud, my neighbour
of twenty-two years –
he passed away last night

I’ll miss the morning chats
about our garbage pick up
young raccoons

the buzz of coming Spring


(Inspired by Colin Page’s Painting
“War Horse” Oil, 2013.)

My neighbor to the left
has a tarped boat.
Unmoved for years
it sits on the driveway.

Tonight, rain drums on
it relentlessly.
The blue tarp flaps
and billows under
frayed ropes.

Alone, at my window
I can’t sleep. I wait,
wait for the sky to pour
life under that boat.
I wait.

(Emerging stars, Hon. Mention, Beret Days Press, 2010.)


 John Di Leonardo

John Di Leonardo is a Canadian visual artist/poet, past president of The Brooklin Poetry Society, editor of Verse Afire. He is also an Associate Member of The League of Canadian Poets, and a member of the Canadian Authors Association. He has published two award winning chapbooks Book of Hours (2014), Starry Nights (2015), and is the recipient of the 2017 Ted Plantos Memorial Award. His poetry has appeared in over thirty poetry anthologies, and in Canadian poetry journals such as The Banister, Verse Afire, and Tower Poetry. He writes and paints in Brooklin, Ontario. You can visit him at johndileonardo.ca.