Poetry by John Di Leonardo – 12/17


(Inspired by Jean-Paul’ Lemieux’s Painting “La Neige” Watercolour.)

Three handfuls

of fresh snow

and my lips

are still dry

for the damp, green sounds

unfurling Spring


these billion flakes

for the silent echo

of a single Monarch

North of 49


How deep the blues in your own sky
when Canada Geese fly back to the pond
lean looking against the wind

Next season I see less use for rain
forecast, yellow from the south window
east and west, to the north
rosebushes hooded against the frost

Snowdrifts erase our garden’s end
and all human’s doings in seamless dunes
white on whites whirls this invisible night
geese cluster on the pond, heads bowed

With casual certainty, the cat casts away
all sound, without thought, wish or message
flits from flake to flake with great tranquility

(TOWER POETRY, Vol. 62, Winter, 2014)

John Di Leonardo

John Di Leonardo is a Canadian visual artist/poet, past president of The Brooklin Poetry Society, editor of Verse Afire. He is also an Associate Member of The League of Canadian Poets, and a member of the Canadian Authors Association. He has published two award winning chapbooks Book of Hours (2014), Starry Nights (2015), and is the recipient of the 2017 Ted Plantos Memorial Award. His poetry has appeared in over thirty poetry anthologies, and in Canadian poetry journals such as The Banister, Verse Afire, and Tower Poetry. He writes and paints in Brooklin, Ontario. You can visit him at johndileonardo.ca.