Poetry by Graham Ducker – 7/18

Universal Preventative Medicine

As the Entity cruised its universe
Where all went fittingly,
It felt an uneasy little quiver
In a distant galaxy. 

Contending to important matters
It ignored the irritation.
But as time progressed that little itch
Became an aggravation. 

The Creator peered at a collection
Named the Milky Way
Many thousand light years across;
An ordinary array. 

On the edge of a spiral arm
Was a system solar
With nine planets circling round
A mediocre star. 

The third orb looked polluted,
And parts were in distress.
Some creatures had infected it,
And making it a mess. 

Twin armed biped parasites
Were scouring the sea;
Causing great climatic change
With impunity. 

The Being introduced a virulence
Specifically designed
To remove that destructive species
And others of its kind. 

Thus The Controller impassively
Prevented further spread
And eradicated that harmful blight
Before the orb was dead.

There Was a Time

There was
A time
When all
The world was bare
With nothing there
But me. 

There was
A time
So long
No one to care
Something to share
With me. 

And so
The weeks and months stretched into endless time
When everything made no sense, no reason/rhyme;
Just so much ambiguity. 

And so
For years in youth I wandered aimlessly
Just like so many others anonymously
Living life with much uncertainty. 

But then
One day
You came
Into my life
To be my wife
In love. 

You stood By me
To give
To imperfection
In me. 

And so
I made a vow right then and there to you
I’d be your man the best I can and true;
A dedication through eternity. 

Since then
We’ve made our way through all these many years
During times of sweat and toil and tears,
You made my life so completely full.
Yes you have.
You made my life so completely full.
You made my life so completely full.

Needless Destruction

As the summer day was warming
my cane and I were strolling
the beach front promenade
where sunbathers were lolling. 

Anticipating, I looked ahead
for the ice cream stand I knew,
when a vision of loveliness
distracted this man’s view. 

She was long. She was lanky.
She was tall. She was lithe.
My old heart went pitter-pat
with every flash of thigh.

I deliberately stopped and waited
for the approaching Venus
so as not to accelerate
the closing gap between us. 

Blond hair flounced.
Her bosom bounced.
My mouth was desiccated,
but not surprised,
I rationalized,
what others appreciated. 

Then almost up to me
she looked distantly
and briefly our eyes met.
Then from the folds
within her clothes
she produced a cigarette. 

The fantasies I had seen;
The images I’d created
all became circumspect
and evaporated. 

It was long.
It was white.
It was slender and compact,
injecting carcinogens
down her bronchial tract. 

Instantly I visualized
a tall and stately tree
with branches lifted heavenward
for all the world to see.

But invisibly down deep inside
the core was soft and rotten
insidiously decaying there,
unknown and forgotten.

I felt numb.
I felt sick.
I felt that I’d been cheated!
It maddened me
then saddened me
with every puff repeated. 

As she modelled by
our shoulders briefly brushed.
I must confess
under duress,
my inner self was hushed.

Suntan lotion
replaced the ocean
as she breezed on by
on her own
lone sojourn
which made my old heart sigh. 

I dared not look back, but did
at the departing masterpiece
that had died
upon the easel
of my heart. 

I could not help but wonder
what damage was asunder
and when the deadly symptoms
would eventually start. 

The customarily tasty cone
lost its flavour in worry,
and all too soon it was finished
as in time, I feared, would she.



Graham Ducker portrait