Poetry by Gail Murray – 3/18

Comfort Food

Why do I buy spinach salad
when it’s comfort food I crave?
Crackers and cheese, mom’s favourite
while she watched TV.
Hot buttered toast, gooey grilled cheese
I can see my sister and me
sipping our Campbell’s tomato soup,
giggling as mom
wields the flyswatter in mock threat.

sleek bars bursting with peanuts, almonds
Snickers, Kit Kat, Dairy Milk
all that palm oil, cocoa and sugar.
creamy hazelnut chocolate
Italian kisses.

I read craving chocolate is
our body’s need for vitamin B
or was it sex?
I’m over fifty, Gluten Free, watching my weight
I’ll suffice with blueberries and Greek yogurt
munch on carrot sticks and celery.

Bring on the carbs
Comfort food – full of fat, sugar, flavour
ice cream, apple pie, French fries, pizza
macaroni and cheese
mashed potatoes –my dad added a raw egg
whipped them into deliciousness
what I really want I can’t have

It’s Time…..                        

I’m preparing my will
Everyone wants my sapphire ring
My niece says it would make a good engagement ring
She’d like it now
I’m not dying yet.

Too bad my closest girlfriend has high blood pressure
family history of heart disease
If I thought she’d outlive me
I’d give her my fine bone china – Real Old Willow
deep cobalt blue with gold rims
lovers on the pattern turn into birds
Today, no one wants dishes
you can’t put in the microwave.

The pale rose cup and saucer is an heirloom
Aunt Ruth left me in her will
a fragile turquoise tea cup with scalloped edges
so thin yet survives
belonged to my grandmother.

Mother rabbit holding two bunnies in each paw
revolves to the strains of Brahms’s Lullaby
marked my mother’s first grandchild

Not mere objects – memories
part of me
What’s to become of these treasures?
Oh well, at least  I’ve used the good dishes.


gail's 2nd photoLike Keats, Gail seeks to capture the essence of the moment. Gail’s writing is a response to her natural and emotional environment. Her poems have been published in Blank Spaces, Wordscape, Arborealis and on CommuterLit.com. Her creative non-fiction has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Trellis, Heartbeats, Renaissance, NOW Magazine, Blank Spaces, Our Canada and More of Our Canada.