Poetry by Gail Murray – 2/18


my body aches for you
before you
empty without you.

take me in your arms
fill me
in my heart
in my bed
in my life
begs filling.

my too full heart
sees you in my dreams
waking life
in your love letters, pure and passionate
in messages on my answering machine
emails, epistles of memory.

Teneri baci mattutini
sweet morning kisses
skin on skin
holding, enfolding..

with you-full
without you- all yearning.

Orchid Petals

When the last orchid blossom dies
petals fade, wilt, turn to parchment
fall, drop off
Is that a sign?
Valentine bloom.
Did he love you then?

Tender, passionate lover
once center of your world
Betrayed, bolted
Gone …..
Will you stop awaiting his return,
accept  finality,
live without him?

He called it ‘moving forward’
meant leaving you behind
If you meet a year from now
How will you feel?
Will you feel at all?


surprise knock
on my door
pink roses bouquet
Papyrus card
five years of orchids and roses
romantic cards
he’s written what he cannot say out loud
here it is – the apology
one last chance
“Forgive me – our love is too precious
to toss aside
I want you in my life
tender companion.”
my reverie.


gail's 2nd photoLike Keats, Gail seeks to capture the essence of the moment. Gail’s writing is a response to her natural and emotional environment. Her poems have been published in Blank Spaces, Wordscape, Arborealis and on CommuterLit.com. Her creative non-fiction has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Trellis, Heartbeats, Renaissance, NOW Magazine, Blank Spaces, Our Canada and More of Our Canada.