Poetry by Ann Peacock – 11/17


The huge cat, eyes watching
Learning about me
Spoke in harsh tones
That were absorbed by the forest
Then I stared and it stared
Both cautious
I tried the old favourite for peace
“Here, Kitty, Kitty.”
The huge cat paused, waited for me
The human to be afraid
But I showed love, naive as I am
And the bobcat ran

ann peacock

Ann Peacock is an Oshawa resident with a passion for poetry. She writes fiction also. Her dream is to die at age 100 in the middle of creating a poem. Future plans include writing a book. Ann did not have a grandmother because all her grandparents died when they were young. Her poem is a composite of the ones she has met and the ones she’s imagined as her own. It was published in the book, “The Wisdom of Old Souls”.