Peacock – Granny’s Garden

Granny’s Garden

Granny’s garden
Is alive
With colour

This spring day
I walk its path
And think how much
She loves me
The smell of her flowers
Like a happy cloud
Around my head
I breathe deep

A bee moves everywhere
Making honey
For my toast
The sunlight and shadows
Call to me
I move forward
And climb the steps
Of her gazebo

A mist hangs
Over everything
I did not notice
Now it’s all I see
It wraps itself around me
And lifts me to another world

In the distance
Granny waits
Her smile so warm
She calls my name
Her arms move to hug me

Granny, I say
I’ve come to take you home
Remember your garden
It’s missing you
The flowers need your touch
Granny shows me her wings
She tells me she is happy
Someday I will join her
She says
Just before she disappears

The sun touches me
And I am back
On the garden pathway
I smile
I love my Granny’s garden
In Spring
It holds memories

Ann did not have a grandmother because all her grandparents died when they were young. Her poem is a composite of the ones she has met and the ones she’s imagined as her own. It was published in the book, “The Wisdom of Old Souls”.


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