Murray – Letter from Vimy

Letter from Vimy

Faded blue satin ribbon
fragile yellowed envelop
hiding under newspaper liner
in Grandma’s drawer.
Sepia photograph
handsome young soldier
kind eyes, moustache neatly trimmed
ghost of Vimy Ridge.

April stalemate. They called our Canadian forces
to lead the charge.
Honorable and duty bound
risked his life for a piece of ground.
We pounded those Huns into a pulp,
I never imagined such chaos,
Shellfire, explosions, mud
Blood, bodies, bedlam.

Shallow victory; carnage high,
Thousands upon thousands
Dead or maimed in body and soul
Brothers, sons, sweethearts
I hope I never witness anything like this.
Ever again.
Funny humanity can’t get along without war
There’s room for us all
without this slaughter.
Signed sincerely
Grandma’s secret.


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