Jennifer Sorensen

Jennifer Sorensen – Bio

I was born and raised in a preplanned, flat, suburban community outside of Toronto where the streets were named and divided in sections by the alphabet and fields of corn competed with brick for soil. I started writing poetry at the age of eight, after I witnessed how time and light and presence could be cupped within dew, in the morning, on the tip of a single blade of grass. It was my first experience of transcendence.

I am an active member of the Brooklin Poetry Society.  I graduated with an Hons BA in English Literature from the University of Toronto and have spent the bulk of my career working in publishing.  My work has been published with the Brooklin Poetry Society.

Praise for my poetry includes:

“obvious talent” – Don Junkins, accomplished poet, scholar, and winner of three National Endowment for the Arts awards in poetry.

“I can see how one would be attracted to them [my poems] at once…”  Paul Mariani, acclaimed and award-winning American poet and winner of the John Ciardi Award for Lifetime Achievement in Poetry.



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