Murray- Postcard from Granada

Postcard from Granada

 Wish fulfilled
 Granada cradled between high hills                                             
 Alhambra and Albaysin.
 Albayzin –  old Jewish quarter 
 gypsy lads flamenco rhythms set the tone
 I wander narrow warrens of cobbled streets
 bright blue pots with vivid orange geraniums
 climb white washed walls
 in harmony with jasmine and bougainvillaea. 
 Alhambra, palace fortress, red and radiant
 last stronghold of Islam’s Al Andalus
 dominates the skyline.
 I tread avenues of cedar, scented myrtle
 gaze heavenward in awe
 intricate timber ceilings
 gilded pillars like fringes of lace 
 hang from the sky
 marble lions stand guard
 soothing fountains tinkle
 soften courtyards cold marble
 counter blazing heat
 respite for the spirit.
 Though apart 
 we share time and place
 Wishing you here. 

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