Murray- Grateful


 Grateful mother taught me to read
 before I started school
 sailed through Dick and Jane
 spelling dictation, Think and Do books
 square dancing, going ‘blackface’ for a Minstrel show
 tapping my toes to The Yellow Rose of Texas
 hopscotch, tag and skipping double Dutch
 all fun.
 Grateful Miss Norton read us poetry 
 Images, words, rhythms
 luscious language
 Bliss Carmen’s Ships of Yule 
 Wilfred Campbell’s Indian Summer .
 Later discovering the great writers
 Thanks to Miss Rattle
 Faulkner, Huxley, Hemingway.
 In university
 Keats and Wordsworth become kindred spirits
 Reading  –  as natural as drinking water. 
 Parlayed it into a career
 Now it relaxes, stimulates, informs
 Grateful for literacy
 served me well.

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