Murray- Going Home

Going Home

 Since boarding the plane in Rome
 I’ve longed to return.
 Italy, you’ve cast your spell.
 Narrow cobblestone streets
 verdant hills and golden Tuscan villas
 David’s smooth, cool marble form
 Botticelli’s Venus and Primavera
 Tart gelato, strong cappuccino
 Each region, a different slice of the Italian pie.
 I dream of Renaissance villa gardens
 on deep blue cerulean lakes
 Carlotta, Meltzi, Balbianello.
 Brightly stacked rose, peach and yellow houses
 clinging to cliffs in fishing villages
 Positano, Amalfi, Ravello.
 Will I hike the Cinque Terre’s perilous trails,
 eat pesto in a seaside piazza?
 Once a backroad, Rick Steve’s made you a must see
 Will I walk among marble saints 
 on Milan’s Duomo?
 From rural villages to ancient Gothic cathedrals 
 You call me home.

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