Ducker – Universal Preventative Medicine

Universal Preventative Medicine                  

As the Entity cruised its universe
Where all went fittingly,
It felt an uneasy little quiver
In a distant galaxy. 

Contending to important matters
It ignored the irritation.
But as time progressed that little itch
Became an aggravation. 

The Creator peered at a collection
Named the Milky Way
Many thousand light years across;
An ordinary array. 

On the edge of a spiral arm
Was a system solar
With nine planets circling round
A mediocre star. 

The third orb looked polluted,
And parts were in distress.
Some creatures had infected it,
And making it a mess. 

Twin armed biped parasites
Were scouring the sea;
Causing great climatic change
With impunity. 

The Being introduced a virulence
Specifically designed
To remove that destructive species
And others of its kind. 

Thus The Controller impassively
Prevented further spread
And eradicated that harmful blight
Before the orb was dead.


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