Ducker – There Was a Time

There Was a Time

There was
A time
When all
The world was bare
With nothing there
But me. 

There was
A time
So long
No one to care
Something to share
With me. 

And so
The weeks and months stretched into endless time
When everything made no sense, no reason/rhyme;
Just so much ambiguity. 

And so
For years in youth I wandered aimlessly
Just like so many others anonymously
Living life with much uncertainty. 

But then
One day
You came
Into my life
To be my wife
In love. 

You stood By me
To give
To imperfection
In me. 

And so
I made a vow right then and there to you
I’d be your man the best I can and true;
A dedication through eternity. 

Since then
We’ve made our way through all these many years
During times of sweat and toil and tears,
You made my life so completely full.
Yes you have.
You made my life so completely full.
You made my life so completely full.


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