Ducker – Cannibal Spratt

Cannibal Spratt

Cannibal Spratt
Could eat no fat,
And his wife could eat no lean.
So it was great
How they cleaned their plate
And only left the spleen. 

Not ones for talk,
They went for a walk,
And a wandering sheep did find.
“Leave it alone.
We’ll follow it home,
But don’t get too far behind.” 

It wasn’t very long
When they came upon
Its owner who wasn’t much wiser.
As it was feared
Miss Bo Peep disappeared.
Her lamb was the appetizer. 

They both conceded
A dessert was needed
Washed down by a flagon of rye.
Some bits of Jack Horner
They left in the corner
Amid crumbs from his Christmas pie.                     

Away up on the hill
They saw Jack and Jill,
But alas, much to their sorrow,
They were full to the neck;
So said, “What the heck,
We’ll have to come back tomorrow.”


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