Donnelly – Opacity


If our time together was condensed
into a year, you were there in the springtime!


You spoon-fed me magic.
We danced on fairy mounds.
Picnicked on the parlour floor,
when rain fell heavy outside. We counted
raindrops before they ran together
into tributaries of some mythical river.

When summer arrived, your bright green
eyes lost their luminosity. Instead of hearing
you sing, I frequently heard you cry.
The screech owl overshadowed the nightingale.

When autumn came your wounds were
sutured over. But I felt the scars on your skin.
Your petals fell, exposing a bare stem.
I couldn’t stay to witness your nakedness.
One morning I left, while you slept!

They say winter brought with it, shadows.
Paler shades of you. The sound of your voice
diminishing across snow.
I mouth my longing for you to the moon.

I live abroad. I went in pursuit
of the land of perpetual spring.

I am still searching!

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