Donnelly – Emigrant


Chicago bustles beneath me
as you lie beneath it
in a suburban grave
thirteen miles from the lake.

A confirmed bachelor
you danced with the devil.
Jet black curls
and a deep brogue
you turned heads
on Lakeshore Drive.

You left young
in search of what?

Did you find your Promised Land?

At one time your pockets
were lined with silver.
Lady Luck seduced you
over the roulette table.

You returned home occasionally
to attend the races. You brought
a petite woman with you.

She sat on your knee like
an Audrey Hepburn doll
breakfasting at Tiffany’s.

She had the most infectious smile
but you never married her.
You were married to the dice.

You died young
alone on Lakeshore Drive
discovered in a sea of spent lottery tickets.

Autopsy report concluded-
death by drowning.

Cards dealt face down
a final game of solitaire.

I cannot go to pay my respects
it’s only a stopover.


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