Donnelly – Affair


She gave him her heart,
so where’s the news there?

Hearts have been given since
time immemorial. Most are cherished,

some are badly bruised,
the unlucky ones are totally rejected.

He accepted her heart, treasured it.
He would never allow any harm come to it.

If he could he would have swaddled it
in a blanket and sang it to sleep each night.

He considered himself a very lucky man.
It was without doubt the greatest gift

he would ever receive. On so many
different levels he loved her.

So did his wife!

When his children found out
they grew to love her too.

They never knew her name, her age
or even the colour of her eyes. They only

knew she must have had a heart so big
that upon her demise she bequeathed it-                                         

                             to the perfect stranger.



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