Donnelly – A Brooklin Christmas


A Brooklin Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us: lights are draped all over town. The tall trees that stand in the Grass Park are dressed in their most festive gowns. The moon hangs low in the night sky: the air is chilly and clear. Jack Frost is painting all of the windows: to signal that Christmas is near. Christmas is almost upon us: sing the Carolers under the gable while carpenter Ed attaches the star that will hang from the roof of the stable. Festive wreaths adorn every lamp-post: made from holly and bunches of pine. Christmas is almost upon us, the Town Clock announces with chime. Children’s faces are aglow with excitement in anticipation of what lies ahead, as they decorate the Christmas tree then hang stockings at the end of their bed. Chestnuts are roasted by the fireside while gingerbread is served spicy and hot: swallowed down by lashings of strong black tea which is served from Granny’s best pot. Visions of Saint Nick and his reindeer fill every youngster’s head. Christmas is almost upon us: best go hurry and jump into bed.

Previously published in the Brooklin Town Crier, 2008

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