Contest FAQs

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Frequently asked questions:

How many files should I submit to the contest?

One file with a .docx extension is fine! As long as you include a cover page with your information, and the remaining pages don’t have any identifying information, one file is enough.

What if I submit two separate files?

That’s fine! If you attach one file with your contact info, and one file with your poems, it’s totally ok. Just as long as all poems are included in one file.

Will I receive a confirmation of my submission?

Yes! We at Brooklin Poetry Society will definitely respond to your email submission.

Can I submit my fees via e-transfer?

Not yet! While all contest fees go into the Brooklin Poetry Society account, we are unfortunately not yet set up for e-transfer. We promise to have that ready for next year!

Will I receive confirmation that my cheque was received?

If you wish to receive confirmation that your cheque was received, please indicate this in your email, and we will confirm receipt.

How will I find out about the winners?

Winning entries will be announced on our website in the fall. Please check the website for updates beginning in September.

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