Honourable Mention, How to Swim in the Aegean

by Sara MacDonald

How to Swim in the Aegean 

Go through Thebes,
tourists swamp the other, 
sweating, swatting gadflies.
Inland’s an island,
buffeted by flotsam and jetsam, 
forsaken and forgotten, 
now recollected by tides
traversing the mind’s floor.
Everything is buoyant, 
all weight, displaced, 
sharp edges of the past dulled 
by time’s incessant motion.
Everything made strange, 
the context is change 
in these ochre waters. 
Wade in to find yourself.
Bury yourself in brine.
Here hear the sirens, 
song safe, muffled by centuries.
See sea nymphs dance,
heart aches, motion forgotten.
There’s their counsel chamber -
Leviathan and Poseidon wrestle in the coral, 
neither remember why.
Stumble or be tumbled,
waterlogged, earth lodged. 
Find new footing on shell covered shores.


Sara MacDonald is a professor of Political Philosophy and Global Great Books at Huron University. A new poet, her work has been long listed for the International Poetry Contest at River Styx.

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