Honourable Mention, Beauty is a Mirror

by Debbie Okun Hill

Beauty is a Mirror

(Inspired by the image “Cloud Dance” by Claire Ibarra)

If I could gift you eagle wings
I would wrap them in cedar sprays
release the healing scent on a cloudy day
and turn your frown upside down.

A stroll through the forest - shinrin yoku –
could lift your spirits…

…yet it’s been days 
since I’ve seen you dance beneath birch limbs,
part your lips, and drink in those turquoise skies.

On this grey Monday, your mind remains muddled
by tech bytes, stay-at-home orders, the mundane
walls, bleak and peeling like old skin.

If only you could walk away from your panic attacks,
that never-ending assembly line, and shut down 
your worries -- you could picture the outdoors,

the way the tall elms are mirrored in the lake
the way the hawks dip and soar as feathered 
autopilots flying free through the open air.

There are no restrictions in paradise.

And if you stretched your arms
you could snatch this double vision, a surreal
moment reflected in pooled and poetic eyes.

Nature’s beauty is a mirror
that smiles back at you!


Debbie Okun Hill
 is a Canadian poet/blogger with over 450 poems published in Canada, and the US. She has one trade book Tarnished Trophies (Black Moss Press, 2014) and four poetry chapbooks. Follow her literary journey on her blog Kites Without Strings where for over seven years she has posted over 180 features.

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