2nd place

my local forecast is you

 By Karen Sylvia Rockwell


no matter your weather    my heart will always acclimatize itself to yours


whether you exhale a fierce katabatibc wind    spewing hoarfrost and rime ice

creating deposition nuclei    or cirrus clouds    immobilizing me    at absolute zero


or you    at a speed that no anemometer could possibly measure    begin an

adriatic process    creating an avection fog of free convection    culminating in

latent heat    or an indian summer    my rawinsonde is attuned    only to you


whether halos       or nacreous clouds    no matter how high your wall cloud

or the angle of refraction    your iridescent glory will always scintillate for me

through mists    fogs    nimbostratus smogs


my windsock    will follow your eddys    whether haboobs    or trade winds    //

will survive your turbulence    your squall lines    your tornados    you have a

coriolis effect on my being    i am a dust devil under your entrainment


to me    you are an upwelling    my water budget for you is deep    no matter

your rate of sublimation    the strength of viscosity in your virga    the density of

your precipitation


you give an orographic uplift    to the level of my potential energy    my shadow

is nothing without your heiligenschein    you are the sun pillar of my twilight

i will forever    only ever be    your contrail