On a June’s Day

The last blog before our summer break was written by BPS member Connie Pompilii. Connie is also an artist, and the creator of the lovely, summery pictures accompanying the blog.

The arrival of June brings with it a gentle reminder to enjoy the simple things. Whether it’s having a cup of coffee on the front porch, reading a book under a shaded tree, or walking in the park, June, like poetry, is full of many treasures just waiting to be discovered.

On a June’s Day

In fields of green

dandelion wishes appear


morning glories rise

to greet the sun.

Rows of lavender and marigolds

grace the garden


sweet cherry tomatoes

drip off stems.

Pots of basil and mint

flavour the patio


succulent strawberries

abundantly fill bowls.

Cool grass tickles

bare feet


bunnies dance

out of burrows.

Warm breeze flows

through lush leaves


songbirds sing

summer’s praise

Some Poets born in June:

Allen Ginsberg June 3

William Butler Yeats June 13

Anne Carson June 21

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