Poetry in September

President’s note: In August, our blog was written by Rod Stone, webmaster extraordinaire, and we’ll continue this practice of monthly blogs written by each of members. This month, the blog is from the Brooklin Poetry Society’s past president, John Di Leonardo.


“There is a mystery in everything,
it matters not where you may go;
there is a mystery in a drop of rain,
or in a flake of snow.”

–David Graham Burns (I860 -1922), Brooklin Poet

I was asked by a friend, a visual artist, what I thought about poetry and why I write.

Poetry asks us to consider our quality of life, the deeper perceptions of what lies before us, be it nature, people, emotions, morality or ideas. Poetry is one antidote to the “whatever” sentiment prevailing in contemporary culture.

Pascal said “the heart has its reasons that reason can only guess at.” To write poetry, to read it, to attend readings is a way of living emotionally in the world. There will always be those who are suspicious of poets who express a “divine madness”, as Plato called it. To those, I repeat the old adage “yes, there is no money in poetry but then there is no poetry in money.”

The general public’s assumption is that poetry is dead or at least in a coma. The truth is that this form of expression has managed to thrive and evolve in the face of social media. I’m happy to report that poetry is thriving in Durham Region and right here in our “little apple” of Brooklin, Ontario. It is a privilege to be part of The Brooklin Poetry Society team.

John Di Leonardo

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