Poetry in July…

Here we are, several days after Canada’s 150th, initiating a new online space for poets on the eastern edge of the GTA. It’s a good place to begin, and I’m excited to officially announce the launch of our website. As a small poetry collective, the Brooklin Poetry Society (BPS) wouldn’t continue to exist without the efforts of past president John Di Leonardo, and Bradley McIlwain before him. And we couldn’t achieve all that we do without the energy and support of all our members.

Our website’s intent is to provide a forum for our members’ poetry, as well as to open spaces for new and emerging poets. With that in mind, we are currently at work collecting poetry for a new members’ anthology which we hope to publish early in 2018, with additional plans to post an open call for a poetry anthology (open to non-members) in the near future.

So as I sit and write this first official blog post as the recently inducted president of the Brooklin Poetry Society (BPS), I’m thinking about poetry in July, and what that means. Wherever you are reading this, whether it be from the comfort of a Muskoka chair by a lake,  in the middle of a busy subway train, or in your favourite air-conditioned public library, take a moment to contemplate what a gift it is to be able to read, write, and discuss poetry at all. And, wherever you are, remember that poetry in July, December, or any other month, is meant to be shared with others. I hope you will enjoy reading the small sample of work from Brooklin Poetry Society (BPS) poets as much as we enjoy sharing our work with you.

Thanks for stopping by. Now for some poetry in July…

Renée M. Sgroi, President

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